Change Your Traffic Into Buyers With Mobile Marketing

Alright, so I know I recently did a post about mobile marketing, but I’m about to do it again. Why? “Well why not!” is a better question. There are so many altitudes in regards to mobile, such an array of topics to be discussed. Last week’s bog focused on curating reasons as to why mobile marketing is vital to marketers. This post is going to give you insights on how to turn your VIEWERS into BUYERS. I guess you could call it magic! …or something like that.

Mobile marketing is a very effective and resourceful digital asset, wouldn’t you say?  When done correctly, mobile marketing applications and web pages acquire value and desire from the mobile owner. Websites and apps become a recourse that is available to make the beholders life simpler, and at the same time gains monetary bliss for the businesses and brands. Ultimately It’s a win -win situation and everyone is happy.

Nearly 90% of Gas & Convenience Mobile Searches Result in Purchase

Here is a great example of how a mobile app can provide great convenience for the user, but also converts traffic into buyers! This Shoppers Drug Mart on the go mobile card allowing customers to “shop smarter”. It’s perfect if you forget your card at home. You can scan, collect, view and redeem optimum points all with the touch of your cell phone.

Shoppers Drug Mart New Mobile App Is Easy to Use

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Card On The Go

Money is a pretty awesome thing; everybody wants it and lots of it. Who Wouldn’t? People say money can’t buy happiness… but who are they kidding. Women are purchasing purses that cost a thousand dollars, while the homeless man sitting out of Holt Renfrew is begging for a dollar. It’s a piece of “plastic” that makes the world go round, and that is why making money is vital in life, and especially for businesses.

We carry our mobile device around with us not only for means of getting a hold of people, but because it drives us to action. Andy Ching who is the director of mobile for Bing stated that

70% of mobile searches are followed up by a consumer action within an hour.

Example being that you’re on your lunch break in 30 minutes, and you want to try out a new Thai place on Bloor Street. You pull out your smartphone, type and search. You as the business want to be in the top three listings on the SERPS page, but that all has to do with SEO which is also very essential.

Thai Food Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Rich Media

As a marketer it is important to make sure your mobile webpages are easy to read, navigate and provides valuable and accessible content.  Mobile reading is fast paced and is usually done while doing something else, therefore you need to ensure that the information you’re providing is exactly what your viewer is looking for. (Click the linked text above for great information on what mobile buyers are REALLY doing). If you want their business, which you do, make sure you direct  the user exactly where they want to go whether it’s a phone number or directions or even rich media (yummy photos of your most popular dishes!) to add appeal and desire which will  drive them into your doorway. Don’t forget your call to action! This is extreeemly important. This is where you’re allowed to be bossy!


Marketing On The Go

If you haven’t already taken notice, mobile marketing is a hot trend at the moment and I doubt the fire’s going out anytime soon. Cheesy… I know, but it’s true.

This technological revolution has become popular within the past few years, with businesses and brands jumping on the bandwagon ever since its initial entrance.

So why should marketers care about mobile marketing?

The times are changing and it’s evident that technology is as well, particularly mobile devices! With the innovation of software and equipment design, new mobile devices are being introduced to the market annually. Take Apple for example, the brand provides users with software updates and technology upgrades at least twice a year! But that’s not the key reason I’m getting at here. Once again, why should marketers care about mobile marketing?

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Mobile Marketing Is Trending!

Let’s figure it out. Do you leave your house without your smartphone? How many of you out there DO NOT, have a data package on your mobile plan? How about apps. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, you name it. More than likely, you have it. (Well, most of us!). We’re almost there… okay, so what does this mean? Think about it. How much more personal can a piece of technology get to a person other than their cell phone?? Mobile marketing is the closest way a brand can get to its consumer! Genius, right? Not really, but it really does make sense!

I checked out an article from Fobres online magazine which stated that Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile devices. Yes, I am Canadian, but I figured this statistic was relevant either way. So, what better way to market and connect your brand to consumers other than via mobile device. Not only can you connect with the user on a more personal level, but you can use your brand as a captivating tool. This can be done through specialty applications, games, contests and such. If done correctly, the user will be enticed to seek further interaction with your brand which could lead them to other social platforms your brand may be active on.

Here’s what Starbucks did for Valentines day last year which was brilliant! Notice the heart-decorated cups.

This augmented reality program from Starbucks demonstrates the continuing commitment they have to mobile marketing. If you are an owner of an iPhone or Android device, you can download the Starbucks holiday app right to your phone. Although this app is free of charge, in order to send loved ones and friends a video of the “love” scene, you need to have a Starbucks heart cup… which means you need to purchase a beverage. Smart. But they, it’s engaging and enjoyable so why not. This mobile marketing strategy definitely seemed to work for the popular brand with sales rising 16% and profits were up 10%.

So, who do they have to thank? I think you can answer that one for yourself!