What’s An Infographic?

We all do it, we sit on our laptops or tablets and browse the internet for hours. But do we ever take a second to think about the content were absorbing, and if we enjoying doing it?  We know that conducting research for a specific topic can be timely and visually unappealing, which usually means researching is considered more of a chore rather than something enjoyable to do. I’m not saying that all forms of content published on the internet is a struggle to get through, but why not make it fun?! Infographics can do just that.

For those of you who aren’t sure of what an infographic is, essentially the term is applied to information, data, or knowledge. This content is then presented in graphic visual form, which presents a rich message that’s clear and straight to the point. Now doesn’t that seem like it would be just a wee bit more enjoyable? I think so. The image displayed blow is a great infographic example of money spent on social media advertisement.

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Social Media network Advertising Spending

The idea is simple, just read the words. Informational graphics. Simple, right? And it makes sense! These creative eye catching pieces are used to deliver information of all caliber’s, in a quick attention grabbing manor. It grabs your attention long enough to deliver the key message, and teach you something at the same time.

Why do Infographics make great marketing tools?

Infographics are a great and effective way to transform and display complex content as well as allow marketers to demonstrate their expertise on a topic. It stands out significantly more than other forms of content which are presents in less visually interesting formats. Did you know? –

90% of information enters your brain visually

Infographics are a great way of explaining statistics; this assists the viewer for an easier understanding of the numbers and words they are reading. Infographics are not only extremely effective in conveying information, and efficient in doing so, but they are trending and dominating the social scene at the moment. Unbounce states that within the past 2 years there has been an 800% increase in Google searches for infographics. With that being said, you also have the opportunity to embed outbound links on your infographic to other social sites you would want to direct your viewer to.

Lastly, creating an infographic is so simple, anyone can do it! If you are confident in your graphic design skills, go ahead and create your own from scratch using Photoshop, Illutrator, Indesign or any other Adobe Software. Don’t stress! For those of you who are helpless in that area, there are many infographic creation websites you can turn to such as Infogram. You simply pick a style; input your data, throw bin some images and charts and you’re good to go. for additional information from infographic experts, click here!