Blogging Like It’s Your Day job! Oh Wait, But It Is.

There are some people in this world that really enjoy sitting in front of their computer monitor for hours on end. And no, I’m not referring to those who use the internet for playing games and socializing with friends. But instead, I’m giving kudos to the powerful voices who publish information that is respected, content that has a purpose, and content that compels its reader and leaves them with a desire for more.
Blogging has become a career for many talented artists. Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to paint a picture with paint. There are many artists who portray their talent through putting their thoughts and opinions to paper via lyrics. And in the world of content and marketing, these are three of the people who put their fingers to the keyboard the best:

Mitch Joel
Seth Godin
Bernadette Jiwa

My professor for creative content development, Robin Pepper, taught us the key components of a successful blog, and how to use it essentially as your umbrella for marketing. Let’s take a look at the following blog homes for the blogging brains listed above. Click on their names to be directed to their blog home page, let me know what you think!

Do they have what it takes

Well of course they do. But it was assigned to me to analyze and critique the blogs of these authors so, here it goes.

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel

So first up we have Mitch Joel who is a journalist and publicist. He’s the author of his own blog titled “Six Pixels of Separation”. You’ll find a majority of his posts are heavily related to marketing communications. That’s not surprising considering back in 2006; Mitch Joel was named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing. His blog has a reliable schedule. You can guarantee you’ll see posts from this genius every other day, if not every day. It’s like his brain automatically re-generates with an abundant of knowledge every time he clicks post on his dashboard. His topics vary within the cloud of marketing and advertising which keeps viewers interested and ready to absorb something new. His content is entertaining, engaging and compelling. He writes the way he speaks and he doesn’t over think. He asks questions, tells the reader what to do and where to go, but what I think is excellent is that he’s very engaged and active with his online community of followers. He provides opportunities for interaction through his social media sites through contests and giveaways. The layout of his blog design is clean and concise, it’s easy to navigate and on the left side bar is where you can find archives, recent posts, RRS feed and an email you can subscribe to. The only thing I’m noticing is at the end of his blogs, there are no tags provided to enhance SEO. I’m surprised that for such a popular marketing man that he has very minimal shares, likes, comments etc… Maybe this is an area of opportunity for improvement! But overall his blog is great, the posts don’t drag on to the point of glaze over, but they’re long enough for me to read through and actually, I mean actually read the full thing.

Seth GodinNext I’m going to take a look at Seth Godin’s blog page, titled “Typepad”. Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marker and public speaker. His blog caters to his perspectives in the marketing field. I would say that Seth has a unique way of relaying his perceptions to his readers. His blogs are short and sweet, but they get the point across. Every post has a point, and he doesn’t seem to fail trying to mark it. He uses metaphors to get his point across, whether it’s one, two or three per post. This is what makes his content most interesting, in my opinion. He is very knowledgeable in his ideas, and his blog headlines are consistently enticing. You can find Seth posting daily or every second day. I consider him to be a direct writer who is not intimidated to say what he feels he needs to in order to get his point across. The layout of his blog is simple, white background and fine print text. The structure of the blog is easy to navigate, as you can find archives, recent posts, RRS, Twitter and Facebook links, content sharing icons as well as an e-mail subscription section. Unlike Mitch Joel, Seth has a significant amount of consumer engagement on his posts. His community of followers spoil him with over a thousand re-tweets, and hundreds of Facebook likes as well as Google+ and LinkedIn shares.

Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette Jiwa

Last we have the author of the blog titled, “The story of Telling”, Bernadette Jiwa. This woman is amazing. When I read her blog posts I feel a genuine authentic essence. Not only is the visual design and construct of her blog page warm and extremely visually appealing, but her content has soul. Her blog is primarily focused on brand strategy, brand naming and brand story. Although she doesn’t post every day, but maybe every 3 days on average, her posts are just as good. Her content is short and sweet just like Seth Godin, but the difference here is that she incorporates rich media! Finally, something other than copy. She incorporates meaningful images and videos that relate directly with her topics. I believe that incorporating visuals as Bernadette does enhances your readers experience, and also adds visual diversity. Letters can get boring after a while, don’t you think? Bernadette engages her audience by asking questions and providing opportunities for their comments and opinions. Just like the previous blogs I discussed above, her blog page is accompanied by contact and connect outbound links to her social media sites as well as RRS. In my eyes, Bernadette did an excellent job with establishing a connection with the viewer on the other side of the screen.

Ultimately, it’s all about the connection established with your reader at the end of your session. Take a look at your viewer engagement. Are people leaving comments? Sharing your content within their social sites? If you can say yes, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
Anyone can be a publisher through social mediums, but what makes a good blogger is someone who’s content is authentic, compelling and, well… people actually care to read it. You don’t need to be an expert in marketing or advertising to begin your own community. All it takes is creativity, some flare, and a voice that people will want to listen to again, and again, and again.


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