It’s Time To Tell Your Story…

A knight in shining armor is recognized among citizens because he saves the day, right? He’s the popular one and everyone knows about him because he makes himself memorable. Although this may sound strange, brands have a knight in shining armor too. Ultimately, it’s their story. Their “brand” story in other words. It’s a way for marketers to be creative in the ways in which they want to direct their “messages” to society. Selling your brand through story telling not only is a benefit of shifting your viewers to customers, but your story connects people with your company. In long term, this creates trust and intimacy, and that’s what companies are looking for. And not to mention increases and supports your credibility a product, service or brand. When people trust you, they will recommend you.

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Story telling for brands and businesses

“The power of stories has become a part of our cultural dialogue” – Kathy Oneto

Articles from Fast Company to the New York Times, reaching from an array of topics from sports and fashion to business marketing, story is the genre choice of the year. It’s a genre in which marketers are craving to fulfill their content by. Take it from an expert! London based agency BergHind Joseph identified the art of telling a story through your content as a trend among the global fortune 500. Putting a story or vision to your brand is the best way, in my opinion, to differentiate yourself from the rest of the millions of products or services out on the market. Isn’t that what you want to do? Look at story telling as a strategy, your unique selling point.

As a marketer you need to find a way to connect people to your brand. It’s all about the creation and captivity of emotional and intimate connection between your brand (content) and your viewer. Story telling seems to be the trending topic, or more should I say technique, for creative writing specialists right now. That’s why when it comes to brand marketing, you really need to emphasize on the construct of your brands story, and make sure that it’s cohesive with your other social platforms as well. If your company has social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and even your own web page, you need to make sure that your brand’s “story” is at the forefront. There are many reasons why writers well… create a story line within their content. One of the main reasons is so their brand, or the brand they are representing, has maximum opportunity to become memorable to the person who is reading your article, blog post, watching your video or even the packaging of your product! Ultimately you want to stand OUT, and INTO their minds. The strategy of storytelling can be done Not only through text but so many other ways as well! You can tell a story through rich media such as commercials and infographics.

The power of story telling can be so powerful that even a silent scene from a movie can touch your heart and may even bring a tear to your eye, It’s all about the story being told through the movement, emotion and connection of character to the reader. Take a look at these “How to tell a story” 6 talks, and especially the session from filmmaker Andrew Stanton (Toy Story & WALL-E). He expresses the importance of creating that emotional connection with your viewer through story telling and the out- comes it results in. Marketers can use the essence of story telling to not only heavily connect with readers on a more intimate and personal level in regards to their image, but it also allows us to experience similarities between other consumers or better yet, soon to be customers and what they have to say.

Let’s take a look into another example of how popular brands such as Voltzwagen and Apple have exposed their brands effectively through story telling, and might I add doing it with style.

We all recognize Apple for being legendary for their technology and the way they market their products. The company is recognized through the way they portray their brand’s through various campaigns and the stories those campaigns tell. The video below is a Super Bowl ad Apple created and launched in 1984. After you watch this clip for yourself, you’ll see why an incredible impact was made on the evolution of technology and entices viewers to purchase.

Essentially this launched Apple into the big leagues. This advertisement used fascination and mystique to capture the attention of millions globally through the nonconformity against George Orwell’s famous novel 1984. This story advertised that the launch of this piece of technology will be like no other, and so it was. This ad was only aired once and had cost a fortune, but look where Apple is today. This ad was just the first of many more story telling campaigns to come. This was an excellent form of story telling on Apples behalf which held metaphorical value.

The unique selling point of the Macintosh brand was defined by how well the story was told through the advertisement. Need to remind you that this was an ad for the launch of the first Macintosh computers ever to hit the market. Apple’s story was about standing for something and being authentic. Their main message was that the Macintosh brand was there to provide consumers a brand of technology that they have never experienced before. Apple’s intent was to take on IBM, who were leaders in the market share industry for computers. Apple was there to show its individualism against a “conformed” system.

Apple Tells Their Brand Story The Best

Take a look at this Volkswagen commercial taking on the Star Wars theme:

The Force Campaign was created by Volkswagen to highlight a single product feature of their 2012 Passat, being the remote start system. This advertisement demonstrated not only the new feature of their soon to come vehicle, but they did it amazingly and effectively without saying a single word. The brand story was conveyed singly through the actions of the characters and background audio, to add emphasis. Not only is this commercial humorous and entertaining to watch, but the child attempting to start the car with his “forces” is cute, playing off the singe feature that they are advertising in this commercial- the remote start system. There didn’t need to be context as to what the commercial was marketing, it was obvious. This was excellent. This specific feature of the remote is the unique selling point of the product.Not only does this commercial connect with viewers, but it’s a commercial that was talked and watched over 58 million times on YouTube.

Both of these commercials share a similarity of:
1) Being aired during the Super Bowl
2) Incorporating the image and metaphorical value of classics such as the famous Star Wars series and 1984 novel.
3) Dictating their value and credibility and most importantly
4) Thinking further than just the functionality of the product, put providing a well told story to their audience.

So in conclusion, I hope you understand the significant positive impact that story telling has on a brand, if done well. When information is authentic, we remember is better and can be affected by it more intensely. I could only wonder who considered purchasing a Volks or Mac after watching those commercials. Storytelling is a very powerful thing.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Tell Your Story…

  1. I remember the fluidity of your writing from my first-year writing class, Taylor. It’s improved since then. You write with depth, flair, and excellent—but not superfluous—detail. You haven’t forgotten to open and close powerfully.

    • Thanks for the kudos Frank!, Greatly appreciated especially coming from a word wizard like yourself. I really enjoy creative writing, and like you said in first year, “The more you do it the better you will get” . Very true!!!

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