Facebook Money-Grabs to Promote

Of course Facebook is amongst the most popular and favourable social media platforms in regard to marketing your business. Why? Well because it’s free, DUH. Facebook allows you to strategically target your market and provide exposure of your brand for zero dollars. Setting up your Facebook account is timeless and the best part is, you’ll be accumulating metrics like page views and “likes” instantly. It’s a tool that’s FREE and effective! Well, what if I told you Facebook just got a little more expensive?

Side note
I remember one day back in August 2013 when my thirteen year old brother asked me to borrow my credit card. Uh… yeah right. Too bad my heart is putty in his hands anytime he asks me for a favour, and that favour in this case was money. So I walked into his room and he told me he wanted 10 dollars to purchase token things, or whatever, for Farmville. He explained to me that it was a Facebook game and in order for him to proceed within the game he needed money. Real money. I thought to myself, what a sucker money grab Facebook is for luring children into spending their parents, or in my case, siblings hard earned moula for useful Farmville “cash” and “coins”.

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Payed Promotional Tools for Facebook

Although I found Facebook’s Farmville to be a bust, it seems as though the social media network is beginning to provide an ROI for viewers who chose to put money into the site.

Would you pay to promote your Facebook status?

“Promote Your Pages” is a feature that was introduced to the site less than a year ago. Essentially it’s a pay to post option for owners of fan or business pages. The objective of this tool is to expose and promote your content via news feed. You can pay anywhere between 5-200 dollars to increase exposure of your post, to either just your current fans, or you fans and their friends as well. Click this link to find more insights from Cara Pring from Ignite social media on how to increase your Facebook page visibility in 20 ways.

We know that not everybody who likes your “page” on Facebook will see all of your status updates, and that’s why users now have the opportunity for their content posts to appear on their friends news feed as a sponsored link. The more money you pay, the more significant your reach will be. Smart thinking Facebook.

Remember, nothing in this world is free.


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