The Importance of Ad Relevance: What & How

So, this week were assigned a particular topic from our Interactive Web Marketing Prof.

I rolled the dice and landed on “Ad Relevance”.  Now let’s see what I can come up with… Enjoy!

Okay so first and foremost, for those of you who don’t have a solid understanding of “ad relevance” let me help you out, just like Google did for me /:  But hey, that’s OK because even though it sounds, well… as simple as it reads, there are different sectors to the term that can be discussed and explained.

Ad relevance is essentially the degree of how relevant your web advertisement is, in correlation to the search of the user. In other words, it signifies how valuable your information is to the client.  Are the ads appearing on the SERPS accurate to the phrase or key words typed by the web user?

I extracted this example from All inbound marketing, all the time. Although Target’s snippet indicates that they have “red athletic shoes”, the landing page didn’t quite match up to the search query, which indicates the ad relevance is low.

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Target’s Ad Relevance Needs Improvement

In order for your ads to be relevant, unlike the example above, your keywords and landing pages require a tight correlation with the content begin searched by the user. When you’re creating your web ads, make sure you use tight keyword groupings. This will make it easier to write relevant ad content. If you have captivating and relevant ad text, this results in higher click-through rates, which is the desired action of all businesses.

I came across a blog page written by the Zebra Advertisement team, which holds awesome insights and tips on how to improve your ad relevance.  It also mentions Google and calculating the Quality Score of your campaigns keywords, which led me to remember an in-class assignment we conducted using Google Adwords.

Google AdWords, web advertising, pay per click, ad relevance, SERP, SEO marketing, search engine users

Google AdWords For Effective Keywords

This is an extremely effective resource for calculating the quality of the key words you are using, or plan on using in your ad text. AdWords is Google tool for helping you reach your target audience and expanding your brand. It allows you to create campaigns, chose your own budget, and most importantly, select keywords that match your ads to search engine users!


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