Social Networking Follies

Social media if used improperly can be detrimental to your career or personal life. Everything you post, tweet, update or upload can be viewed by nearly anyone.

Unfortunately for some people, lack of intelligence comes into play when inappropriate photos, status updates, personal conversations and just your basic general information is revealed by people you least expect. Although social media has progressed in terms of networking over the past few years, it has also become more of an issue for some people.

Take this for example. Two years ago I was in my senior year of high school. At this point, Facebook had become an extremely popular social media tool. It was seen as an extraordinary way to stay connected with friends, share photos and place your opinions on what you felt was necessary.

check yourself before you wreck yourself

My best friend and I were in our business class one afternoon, when she noticed someone had created another profile which contained photos of the two of us. Creepy… don’t you think? Obviously, we had to check it out, this was a big deal! An unknown girl had created a Facebook profile pretending to be Katie and myself as she uploaded pictures we had on our profile, started adding “friends”, and even having conversations with people we didn’t even know! We knew something had to be done about this, and that’s when the school got involved. I felt like the privacy rug was snatched right from under my feet. Do people not understand something called boundaries? Oh right, and common sense.

I’m sure a lot of you girls out their love using the “check in” app on Facebook, am I right? WORST IDEA EVER, by the way. Your exposing your where abouts to the entire world, even Google! Ever heard of the website called Please Rob Me? I was reading an online page from The Telegraph and it was explaining how it’s a program 2 men developed over the past 4 years that crawls the internet, providing real- time updates on empty home locations.

This is a one stop shop for burglars, so next time you decide you “check in” on Facebook, keep in mind that your house is potentially getting robed. For more information on the negative side of social media, check out this awesome documentary Facebook Follies .


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