Greatly Appreciated

It’s not every day that I come back to my Rez room after class thinking, “Damn, I learned a lot today!” Today was an exception. I left my Writing for Marketers class with a bubble filled with knowledge and a tweaked mindset on my next two years of school in advertising integrated marketing communications.

Today our MCOM 2 class had the awesome experience to get connected and take a deeper look at the success and futuristic possibilities as to what our program has in store for us. Our professor Frank Armstrong took the initiative to organize a panel of five very successful graduates, who were once enrolled in the same program. Surprisingly, some of them were recent graduates.

As they sat horizontally at the front of the classroom, they shared their success stories and dispensed tips on opportunities we as students should take advantage of. As adults in the working field, they elaborated on a variety of things that helped them get to where they are today, and things they would have done differently in college looking back from where they stand today.

Anything Is Possible

It’s weird to think that in two years from now we could be in their shoes. Take a look at Brook Johnston for example. He was an advertising- marketing communications student at St. Lawrence College , now he’s working for a large Toronto based Advertising agency called FUSE. He’s also a hilarious blogger! (Check out his blog side on my page) Time’s creepin’ by faster than we know it.

I really appreciated the personal information and tips brought forth by the panel. It truly gave me a better understanding of how I need to grasp opportunities as they come by and get involved with my program functions. With a lot of hard work and commitment, I will graduate successfully and begin the next chapter of my life. Can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Greatly Appreciated

  1. You’re a smart cookie to realize the real learning comes from these ‘extra’ things outside class! We are lucky to have Frank….

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