Hey, Let’s Get Futuristic!

Imagine being the most proficient innovator of all time. Creating futuristic technology within your intellect years before it reaches the hands of your patriotic consumers. Imagine being Steve Jobs.

If you were to approach any given person walking down the hall in your college and asked them if they owned an Apple product, I highly guarantee their response would be YES. In fact, I feel safe to say that they probably own more than one product from the sleek collection. It seems like we’ve been hit in the face with continuous innovation and a sense of futuristic lifestyle that people these days can’t seem to get enough of.

Although I am not a fan of Apple Computers, I must say that I’m a loyal and blissful consumer of the iPhone and iPod line. iPHONES ARE AWESOME. It’s like having a computer in the palm of my hand. Who wouldn’t want that? Apple has introduced a line of evolutionary products such as the numerous versions of the iPhone, iPod, and MacBook’s which have dictated the evolution of modern technology. Haven’t you noticed after Apple releases a new product, competitors scramble to produce comparable technologies?



Apple iPad = SUCCESS
BlackBerry Tablet = FAIL.
Sorry BlackBerry 😦

Remember the days when you used to carry around a 3 pound “Walkman” and had to change your CD every time you wanted to listen to a new artist? Thank God those days are over! I love being able to load up hundreds of diverse musical artists and songs. Not to mention iPods and iPhone also allow you to transfer photos, videos and even movies from your desktop computer to your handheld device.

As I was reading through a web page called Pocket-Lint I came across a very odd statement about Steve Jobs only giving himself $1 as an annual salary, but has over 5.5 million Apple shares which works out to be 1.6 billion dollars. What do you think; True or False?

Although the master of innovation and trade secrets has passed away, the prestige brand of Apple will continue to live on. The company will continue to create products that amaze the crowd each and every time. I wonder what else Steve had up his sleeve… Touch computer screens? Who knows!

For more information on the innovation of Apple products please visit:
All About Steve Jobs


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