Spread The Virus

Looking for fame? Money? Recognition? All it takes is a video camera, the internet and some talent. I never thought it would be so simple to create a spectacular image for yourself all by posting homemade prominent videos on YouTube. These are what we like to call YouTube personalities.

Come check it out!

YouTube personalities are individuals or groups who have gained recognition by millions of humans around the globe due to their unique talents and appearances on the YouTube channel. A majority of these personalities are teenagers who’s videos got lucky by the viral spread or caught the eyes of “real” celebrities. These people are usually high ranked on a consistent basis and probably have over a billion views. Hm… I wonder if it counts if you constantly replay your favourite video over and over again.

YouTube has strangely become a cultural phenomenon of growing significance. It amazing to see how social media continuously advances through the years. It’s gotten to the point where your average street kid can turn into the next Justin Bieber. Take him for example. A Canadian singer who was discovered at the young age of 15 after posting video after video of his vocal and instrumental talents, was soon noticed by celebrity Usher which led to a major record deal. I bet if you were to ask anybody who Justin Bieber was they would know. This defiantly doesn’t mean that everyone is a fan, I might add.

After scoping the web and coming across Cliche Little Blog, I noticed she had posted a comment that really made me think how social media is greatly changing the world as she states “Someday people like this will replace what we consider to be stars. I think the death of what we consider current media is happening. You no longer have to be found by some star agency; you can make your own destiny as the views on these people will attest to”.

In the future I believe that creating viral videos will become the full time job of many people, just like it has started in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be nice to quit your day job and make entertaining videos for a living? I think so!


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