The Global Village

This day and age the means of communication have been brought to a level one could not fathom ten years ago. Information can be sent instantaneously across the entire globe via electronic technology, thus –in a sense- contracting the world into a tiny village. Some may be into these changes and some may be sceptics.

However, I feel that the forming of a global village is opening and will continue to open several opportunities for future advertisers and marketers like myself. With today’s advancement’s in technology, one now has the ability to launch a marketing campaign to the entire world if needed instead of 10km radius like what might have happened 40 years ago.

The fact that we can target any specific market across the entire globe is an advantage I would have the experience of having that former advertisers could not. For example, If I were to market a new product for infants. I have the ability to gather analytics, demographics and social media statistics to help me target my specified market and “hit it right on the head”. Whereas, something like 40 years ago it was a hit or miss type thing.

However, with these drastic changes in the world, come with both pros and cons. One positive aspect of the Global Village would be that businesses now have the potential to expand internationally. According to,Arfa Mirza of Stunning Mesh, one negative aspect of the contracting globe is the fact that you have to cater your advertising campaign to a much larger audience. Consisting of; different ethnicities, languages and cultures and beliefs.


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