Lethal Invasion of Privacy: Social Media

Three years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice before posting content on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. I felt as if what I had exposed within my profile and communication with friends would be kept private and safe from the outside world, hence the “privacy” settings. Three years later, right here and right now, I realize I was wrong.

We are now into our 6th week of the IMC program and I feel like every class we encounter, the name “Big Brother” gets brought up by our professors. How Big Brother is always watching us. How we need to be extremely careful when it comes to the content we put forth onto our personalized networking pages, and what we may post on online media pages in general. They’re right. Except in our case, it’s not just one person like George Orwell’s fictional character, Big Brother in the novel 1984. It’s anyone and everyone. Creepy. Don’t you think?

You Are Always Being Watched

In today’s society large corporations and companies have the technology and capability of screening your personal information and tracking what you do and where you go on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you activated the so called “privacy” settings on your networking account. Advanced technology works around that. So basically when you’re applying for jobs, your future employers can take a second look and preform background checks of what you’ve been up too on your leisure time. That’s exactly what we all want! Not.

Take this as a perfect example. I was reading through a blogThe Spy Side of Social Networking by Brian Sommer. He was talking about this new product release by Teneros. Basically, it’s designed to let a company monitor it’s employees social networking activities. It’s now automated so employers can discover and monitor their employees’ Facebook and Twitter posts. If you really must know what the person in the cubical next to you is doing, why don’t you just add them as a friend?

It’s pretty straight forward. DO NOT POST THINGS ON THE INTERNET THAT YOU WOULDN’T WANT YOUR BOSS TO SEE. Or that could risk future job opportunities. So the next time you’re about to update your Facebook status to let EVERYONE know about the inappropriate things you did on the weekend, you might want to rethink that. Just sayin ’.


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