Hello World!

Hello People of the business world, welcome to my personal IMC ( advertising – integrated marketing communications ) blog. The purpose of this blog is to help my personal brand recognition, and emphasize my anticipated view points and feeling on the particular subjects discussed within this blog. Oh. And if you were wondering, I’m Taylor O’Neill! The author.

So let’s get started. First off, well, if you hadn’t already noticed, this is my first blog entry. How do I feel about our teacher making us express our “personal” thoughts and feelings about maintaining a public blog?  Well personally, I think it’s GREAT! For one, not only is it helping students, aka, myself, progress as a writer but it also gives us time to reflect as well as compare and contrast what we’ve learnt throughout the six classes we encounter this fall semester.

I think that by creating this blog, it will help to establish myself as a Jr. Advertiser and Marketer, thus laying the foundation for my own personal brand.

In conclusion to my first blog entry, you now are aware of my purpose throughout this blog … and hopefully it gets better. Look forward to more!


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